1-6 + 15-20 February 2016


Verrès, Italy & Compiègne, France

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20 Places


12 Lecturers

WHAT'S ABOUT EVENT / what's going on there come and learn

The first DIPFablab International Sorbonne Universités Winter School (Design of Innovative Products in Fablab) aims to present several methods and techniques to design and create prototypes of innovative products thanks to Fablab tools (e.g. Laser-cutting machines, 3D-printers, Arduino boards, …).

The DIPFablab Winter School lasts for two weeks: the first one, will be held in Verrès (Italy) at local branch of the Politecnico di Torino, while the second one will be held in Compiègne (France), in the Innovation Center of the Université de Technologie de Compiègne.

During the DIPFablab Winter School you will create your own artifact, in groups, from scratch.  The concluding 2015 is the year of the light so all your creation will have the light as leitmotiv. You can come with your own ideas, or we will find one together.

During both weeks you can experience free extracurricular activities such as the visit to  Reims and its Champagne cave, the snow of the Italian Alps and some of its carnivals (e.g Ivrea, Verrès).

You can download the flyer describing the event here.

Sorbonne Universités

Université Pierre et Marie Curie



Université de Technologie de Compiègne

Politecnico di Torino

Ville de Compiègne

Centre d'Innovation

Event FAQS / find your answers

Courses will be taught in English. Valle d'Aosta's main language is Italian but French is very current among the population. Among the organizing committee you will find Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese speaking people. Do not worry, everything will be clear and can be repeated if not understood. Do not let language be a barrier for you.

The inscription fees of 600€ covers all your needs (detailed below) during both weeks.

Special rates are available here.

Be aware that travel expenses to reach the winter school locations are at your charge.

Single bedroom with wifi
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Social Events during the week
Material for the Winter School
Transfers during the week
Discounted extra activities

The DIPFablab Winter school is open for university students as well as Ph.D. ones. We welcome any level of experience, we have prepared different level of complexity according to your background. The only thing we ask for is a truly genuine curiosity and the desire to discover new things.

From university to Ph.D.
Able to communicate in English
Any level of experience in product development methods & tools

The application is very simple! You have to register with a valid email. Registration requires to send us a brief description of yourself (possibly with a photo) and why you want to attend the DIPFablab Summer School. If we accept your candidature, we will explain to you how to pay the inscription fees.

Register on the website
Wait for our approval
Note it on your
Pay the inscription fees
Reach the location

Yes, or so we hope You are going to spend around 100 hours during the two weeks, which means that the DIPFablab Winter School is worth 4 ECTS. However, every university makes its own decisions about the activities that are accepted in your academic curriculum.
In order to help you get those 4 ECTS (or a part of them) we will provide you with a certificate that:

is officially issued by the University of Technology of Compiègne
contains the number of hours you spent learning with us
contains the proposed equivalent number (4) of ECTS

Event Price list / perfect price for event



Single bedroom with wifi
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Social Events during the week
Material for the Winter School
Transfers during the week
Discounted extra activities

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Event Speakers / meet with greaters

Eleonora Atzeni

Research fellow and adjunct professor

Andrea Tonoli

Associate Professor

Enrico Vezzetti

Associate Professor

Claudio Turcotti

Development Engineer

Emanuele Russo

Development Engineer

Renato Galluzzi

Post-doctoral researcher

Bruno Ramond

Director of the Innovation Center

Christian Simon

Assistant Professor

Vincent Dupuis

Associate Professor

Andrea Luigi Guerra

Ph.D. Student

Nicolas Piton

Research & Development Engineer

Yvan Duhamel

Research & Development Engineer

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Poincaré Residence

Accommodation in Compiègne – Residence Poincaré During the second week, students will be accommodated in the Residence Poincaré in Compiègne. The hotel is situated in 35 Impasse Jean de la Fontaine, 60280 Margny-lès-Compiègne, just behind the railway station of Compiègne. The residence

Hotel Evançon

Accommodation in Verrès – Hotel Evançon During the first week, students will be accommodated in the Evançon hotel in Verrès. The hotel is situated in Via Circonvallazione, 33, five minute walk from the railway station of Verrès. The hotel has an external

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Un open day pour un open lab” est un événement dédié au fablab de l’UTC. Le vendredi 19 février 2016, le centre d’innovation ouvre ses portes à tous : étudiants, enseignants, grand public, porteurs de projet, entreprises, … la découverte des outils

Event Location Week 1

Politecnico di Torino – sede di Verrès
8 Via Luigi Barone, Verrès 11020, Aosta Valley, Italy

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Event Location Week 2

Innovation Center of the University of Technology of Compiègne
57 Avenue de Landshut,60203 Compiègne,France

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